Labrokes Exchange Betting Online

Like to bet on sports? Or just like hazard and adrenaline rush? Then new feature of Labrokes will be to your liking. Definitely. So, now you have an alluring chance to stake for real on the outcome of the event and have no deal with a bookmaker. Yeah! It’s possible thanks to Labrokes Exchange Betting.

Crave for details? Then, just let’s check out the matter with us right now. So, today, players with different opinions on the same event, meeting, competition or something like that can bet against one another at Labrokes.

What’s more, here you will get a wide range of exchange games to try your luck and intuition. Just choose the opponent and listen to how money wins are rolling into your pockets!

So that, if you’re interested in it and want to find out more about the new feature provided, then you’re going our way! Let’s read further to check out all advantages of online exchange betting with us.

Exchange Games to Try

As we have already mentioned, Labrokes offers a wide range of exchange games to bet for real money to you. So, here you can choose among sports events as well as try your intuition or knowledge with Special Bets available.

It’s a pity, but here you won’t find any card and table games available for exchange betting to try your skills. Yeah, it’s quite serious lack… Anyway, hope is the last thing to die. So that, we wish that it’s temporary and Labrokes will fix the miss as soon as possible.

However, for now, there is enough wide range of games to bet for real and try your intuition that won’t let you to feel bored. All left to do is to find out what Market you want to risk your money with and stake on from awarded ones.


So that, here you will find lots of sports events to bet on the outcome of. Horse Racing, Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Snooker, Rugby, Baseball, American Football and other games are at your disposal. Just choose the Market to your liking and make a good hand of it.

Think about the difference between exchange and Labrokes sports betting? No bookmakers plus greater flexibility, bigger odds and just quite another experience. Choose the opponent or team you think to win or lose and go ahead for money wins. As you see, all you need is to try exchange betting by yourself to feel the difference.

Special Bets

Moreover, sportsbook doesn’t offer you to bet on such events as the Oscars. Yeah! Labrokes Exchange has exclusive Spacial Bets, where you can predict the winner of the Oscars in such nominations as: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

Besides that, you can also make a good hand of some Referendums. Yep. Will be there more ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ votes? Just bet on the outcome of the referendum to win real money. Net benefit 🙂

How to Play for Real Money

Get ready to try your strength and six sense? Then it’s high time to find out how to play exchange games for real money. So, here everything is clear and easy. In total, you are to make 5 steps.

First of all, you need to choose a Market you want to bet on. After that, you need to figure out your next move… Will you back or lay your selection?

Anyway, no matter what of two ways you choose, the rest steps remain the same for both kinds of exchange betting. So that, all you need to do further is to enter your bet and odds and verify your stake. Then, amend or cancel your bet if it’s needed.

All that you can do through your mobile device. Yep. You can do that using mobile Labrokes exchange betting that is available on both tablet and mobile devices. So, players on the go can walk on air 😉

Back & Lay Bet

Exchange betting offers you only 2 ways to choose from: back or lay bet. It makes much difference, though it seems to be simple choice. Just let’s make things clear to simplify your decision.

Let’s start from discussing Back Bet. It’s a stake you set on the event occurring. In other words, you bet on the winner. For example, betting on Exchange Ice Hockey, if you back, you choose the team to win. Therefore, if the chosen team wins the match you will win as well.

Lay Bet is the same kind of thing as Back Bet, but vice versa. It means that if you lay, you bet on the selection not winning the event. As an example, Exchange Horse Racing, you back the horse to lose. Know who will be the loser? Then, lay. To do that you need to click the gray box and accommodate a backer. You should note that lay side of your market shows odds requested by backers.

Just play to your heart’s content choosing lay or back bet and don’t forget to notice the bigger odds awarded for the market you select.

Labrokes Exchange Bonus

To make your online exchange betting experience brighter, Labrokes provides you with special bonuses to get started with. So that, as soon as you register your real money account, you can count on the impressive Welcome Offer. Yeah!

Thus, new Labrokes Exchange customers with cash accounts can appropriate £500 Free Bets Bonus for a flying start. It’s your lucky chance to try exchange games without risk for your wallet.

Just play with £25 and get £25 free bet on top. Plus, you will get extra £25 free for each additional £100 in exchange commission paid until you grab all £500 in free bets.

However, you should note that there are some requirements to mention. For example, you are not eligible to withdraw Free Bets balance until they have been bet with odds of at least 1.5. Hence, we recommend you to read the full conditions applied to the sign-up bonus and specify all the details directly on Labrokes site.

Beyond the Welcome Offer, here you can get lots of other bonuses to make your stay worthwhile and bank balance bigger. So, keep abreast Labrokes news to grab the best bonuses awarded.