Play Labrokes Backgammon

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Here you can pick up useful info concerning particular rules and find out strategies to win mind-boggling prizes. By the way if you become a real gambler you will be automatically rewarded alluring bonuses to play with extra cash for that. Hurry up for wild emotions and overwhelming benefits at this respectable casino.

How To Win Backgammon

Everybody knows that the game has some magic strategies leading to the win. Do you want to find out them? Then at first you should pick up the main rules and goals to play Backgammon. So here you can read useful information, which helps you to take away the most attractive prizes.

So there you will see a big board that is divided into quadrants. The whole number of such quadrants is four, and all of them have the certain name. Besides in the turn they consist from points or triangles. So here we have such partitions as:

  • points from 1 and up to 6 are your home (the first quadrant)
  • points from 7 and up to 12 are your outfield (the second quadrant)
  • points from 13 and up to 18 are the opponent’s outfield (the third quadrant)
  • points from 19 and up to 24 are the opponent’s home (the fourth quadrant)
  • point 25 is for hit player’s checkers that is called bar

When the game starts the checkers are placed in the certain positions. So the beginning positions of your 15 checkers are the following. Your five checkers are on the six-point and midpoint, three blots on the eight-point. Also the next five checkers are placed on their midpoint and the last two blots on the 24-point.

Here your goal is to move all your 15 checkers to your home and clear them from the board. In the case you manage to make it first you will win and gain alluring money prize. If you are ready to take a challenge then roll the dice. Besides in the way you will reveal the number of triangles to move your checkers on. Note! These numbers on the dice work out separate moves (two or four).

The next important rule of the game is that you can draw checkers just forward, beyond from higher-numbered and down to lower-numbered points. You are allowed to move blots only on free triangles and also on the points with your checkers.

Besides you can hit the single opponent’s checker by placing your blot on the top of it. And in the way it will be moved to the bar. Checkers that are placed on the 25 point must be removed primarily.

Also you should pay attention that your money prize depends on the kind of win you gain. So here you can get such conclusions of the game as: the single win, gammon win and you can show the door to the opponent with backgammon win.

So in the case you have the jump on the opponent only for one checker you will get the single win. But if your opponent clears none of his blots you will get double prize with gammon win. Do you want to get the tripled prize? Then turn out to be a wise gambler and gain backgammon win. It’s possible in the case your opponent has at least one blot in your home or on the bar.

So just be faster, wiser and smarter than your opponent to be the best one here. Improve your skills playing Backgammon with other real players and enjoy Labrokes bonuses to take away inimitable winnings. Besides as you know the casino will reward you extra cash to make your time never-to-be-forgotten.

Labrokes Bonuses

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