Labrokes Live Casino

Don’t pay for dead horse and register at Labrokes Live Casino. As you can guess, a lot of your money is going to waste when you visit a real gambling house. But here it is quite the opposite. You can still admire a beauty of the palatial architecture due to the excellent graphics and play for real money more with less expenses.

You will have chosen well. Labrokes sets itself to put you at your ease. It is well stocked with the most absorbing games. You will feel free to play live Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack or Texas Holdem. Besides, you will obtain the power to pick a dealer. It seems to be not so important thing. But stop… Why can’t you get all you want given the fact that you make all payments?

Play with Dealers Online

When you win playing the catching games, you don’t ask if it is fair. You just enjoy your pastime and the happy moment. But once you fail, player wonders if he or she hasn’t been deceived. Despite many casinos efforts to prove their flawless reputations, there are always some doubts about them.

Thanks to the new dazzling live streaming technologies advance you can watch real dealers spreading cards on a table or launching balls. Labrokes Live Casino is highly competitive with any real gambling house from now. If you are a warm partisan of the old school, you will also be pleasantly surprised as the rules of the games remain unchanged.

Though, the most sophisticated gamblers can use all reasonable endeavors to get the attractive bonuses playing the newest versions of Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack.


The increasing amount of gambling houses causes the enlargement of lucrative bonuses offered by Labrokes Live Casino. There are different offers that can blow everybody’s minds.

But let’s come to the point! People differ in what they can afford. Besides, according to their resources a judiciously chosen proposition can bring them a lot of money and positive emotions with minimal risks for their wallets. Let’s view one of the most seducing £1,200 Welcome Bonus.

You need to register and log in to your Labrokes account to grab it. One more condition is that you have to make 3 deposits at first. The sum of each contribution can be £10 only. Of course, if you want to get more free cash to play, you need to put a higher payment. Don’t forget, you should wager this bonus 30 times to fill your pockets with valuable coins.

No Deposit

The outstanding feature of No Deposit Bonus is that you can play games without making any contribution. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But it has to be mentioned that is preferable for beginners mostly. As the sum given by the casino is not very big sometimes.

Though, it can satisfy you at the beginning of your gambling experience. Also, actual dimensions and missed details to be defined during claiming the bonus. Have your eye out for it as this seducing proposition can be suggested to you at any time.

Refer a Friend

You can also receive another fantastic proposition to refer a friend. Sharing your impressions about your gambling, people from your company can decide to join it as well. You won’t have to beg them to do it. It is more about having fun together. Of course, it would be a nice surprise to seize an attractive prize from the gambling house for that.

Instant Live Dealer Games

Do you have a desire to try a concrete game. There will be Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Texas Holdem at your disposal. We wouldn’t view all of them as the last is comparatively new one and isn’t so popular. You wouldn’t be able to distinguish the real gambling house from the fiction.

All live dealers will act as ordinary people. What’s more, they will change each other sometimes. Also, there is an option that gives the opportunity to pick the person at your own wish.

Though, the most alluring feature is that you can obtain lavish bonuses during your entertaining. Can the real gambling house make a boast of such fantastic offer? No. That’s why, many of the gamblers opt for Labrokes Live Casino.


Blackjack is one of the most popular game among gamblers. If you have been playing it for a long time, you have to know that the rules has been changed a little. So, if you don’t want to be confused, you’d better read about them.

  • You may only split a hand once
  • you can “double-down” after splitting a hand
  • player can receive only one card per Ace if you split it
  • if the dealer’s show card is an Ace and draws a blackjack, you will lose both bets, in case, you have made a “double-down” bet

What’s more, you will have several ways to play such as Split, Double-Down, Blackjack insurance, 10 Card Charlie Bets when betting on your hands at Labrokes Live Casino. Try to gather the total value of your cards that is equal to 21 and win the greatest rewards. Do you think you should wait for an open seat to play the game? No, save your nerves and register at this live gambling house to size the given possibilities.


What is your main goal? Baccarat is all about the luck. Playing the game, you need to come as close as possible with a two-card hand. But, please, note that your third card can be dealt to you or the banker under certain circumstances. You can read about all aspects visiting Labrokes Live Baccarat or view the rules.


There is a pleasant chance to grab the biggest prizes by picking the enticing Roulette. You can risk and win. Isn’t it what you are looking for? Though, if you are a wise gambler, you should know that you will get more wins abiding by the rules.

Besides, having been practicing online Roulette, you will have a lot of experience. Improving your skills, you will definitely take away a wonderful award. And don’t refer to a bad day, as you can choose the place and time by yourself this time!